AWS Solutions Architect Professional – PASSED

Amazon Solutions Architect Professional Badge

Today I took and passed my AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam. I’ve been working with AWS now for about 5 years. I Originally passed the Associate exam all the way back in December 2016. Back then I was as pleased as punch to have passed that exam and ever since then I’ve enjoyed working with Amazon’s cloud offering.

Just recently I’ve wanted to cement my learning and pass the professional exam. For me it was about proving to myself I could pass a top-flight cloud exam but also about the learning journey that came with being able to pass it.

To make sure I knew enough I started by brushing up on courses I had in A Cloud Guru and once that was done I purchased a course on Udemy by Stephane Maarek called “Ultimate AWS Certified Architect Professional 2021”. This course was really well-paced and covered a lot of ground, along with the hands-on experience I found this prepared me really well for the exam. After that I read a couple of whitepapers as well and Took a practice exam (which I passed). I am now the proud owner of the certification. I wonder what my next challenge will be.

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